NP Get Back To Business Safely

OUR PRODUCTS MASKS PG/05 THERMOMETER PG/05 EAR SAVERS PG/06 WIPES PG/04 SANITISERS PG/03 INDIVIDUAL NAME ENGRAVING PG/07 HYGIENE KEYRINGS PG/06 BACK TO WORK KIT PG/10 STYLUS PENS PG/08 COOLER BAGS PG/09 WORKING SAFELY Help protect your employees, customers and suppliers with solutions for the workplace such as hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and disposable face masks to get back to business safely. Whether you’re office based, customer facing, working in a factory or on the road, in the new world we all need to be prepared with added protection and being visible in doing so can help instil confidence within your team and help to return to normal working life. PROTECT ING YOUR TEAMS , YOUR CUSTOMERS , YOUR SUPPL I ERS AND YOU CONTENTS/ 02