Promotional Merchandise 2022

A couple of our boxes can be supplied with customised cut foam available in several foam colours. This means that each foam insert is cut to order. Just let us know what ‘cutout’ shape you require and leave the rest to us! PEN BOXES 137 Customise Choosing the Perfect Pen Box... Design Most of our gift boxes are supplied with white protective sleeves and whereas we do not offer to print these we can replace them with digitally printed versions which offer a full colour process print all around the sleeve – and from only 100 pieces. See the effect on page 146 on the Vision Gift Box – a stunning way to pass on colourful designs and a lot of information if required! If a more subtle branding is required, how about a metal looking plaque, engraved and placed onto the box. The plaque is cut to order so size is completely up to you and price is on application. Personalise