Promotional Merchandise 2022

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. LEISURE 152 | UMBRELLAS • 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. UC0009. BUDGET WALKER High quality, low cost modern automatic opening walking size umbrella with black stem and eva handle. Available in Green, Dark Green, Navy, Blue, Burgundy, White, Black, Grey, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Purple. Size: 830 x 1040mm dia. Print: 150 x 150mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£6.85 50/£6.77 100/£6.68 2. UC0025. FARE 1149 AC REGULAR Attractively priced automatic regular umbrella with windproof features. Available inWhite, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Green, Petrol, Navy, Grey, Black. Size 820 x 1050mm . Print: 170 x 200mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£9.15 50/£8.91 100/£8.76 NEW NEW 3. UC0038. AUTOMATIC CROOKWALKING UMBRELLA Auto opening, walking umbrella with crook handle. Available in 15 colours: Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Navy, Royal, Light Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Silver / Black, Black, Mid Grey, Light Grey, White. Size: 850 x 1030mm dia. Print: 180 x 280mm 25/£8.33 50/£8.09 100/£7.92 4. UC0037. AUTOMATICWALKING UMBRELLA Attractively priced automatic regular umbrella with burned wooden crook handle. Available inWhite, Red, Bordeaux, Green, Euro Blue, Navy, Grey, Black. Size: 890 x 105mm dia. Print: 180 x 280mm 25/£11.63 50/£11.47 100/£11.32 5. UC0030. EXECWOODCROOK High quality, low cost, traditional automatic opening, walking size umbrella. Available in Black, Black &White, Navy, Navy &White, Dark Green, Grey, Red, Red &White, Blue, Blue &White, Ivory, White. Size: 880mm x 1030mm dia. Print: 150 x 200mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£10.23 50/£10.08 100/£9.84 6. UC0011. EXECUTIVE WALKER Exclusive automatic walking size umbrella with crook handle. Choose from any combination of our 50+ Stock Panel Colours at no extra cost! (excl. Met Gold/ Silver) or Pantone®Match to any colour of the Spectrum for an additional cost. Size: 820 x 1000mm dia. Print: 170 x 160mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£17.18 50/£16.80 100/£16.65 MATCH