Promotional Merchandise 2022

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. LEISURE • UMBRELLAS | 153 1 2 3 4 5 6 NEW NEW NEW 1. UC0033. BUDGET SUPERMINI Low cost telescopic umbrella with matching sleeve & handle, available in 11 colour options: Purple, Pink, Grey, White, Navy, Green, Black, Burgundy, Royal, Red, Orange. Size: 250 x 980mm dia. Print: 120 x 180mm 25/£6.77 50/£5.86 100/£5.36 2. UC0014. FARE 5512 ACMINI Attractively priced automatic mini umbrella in noble design. Available inWhite, Orange, Red, Green, Navy, Grey, Black. Size: 300 x 940mm dia. Print: 120 x 120mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£10.85 50/£10.70 100/£10.54 3. UC0015. FARE 5460 AOCMINI Trendy automatic open/close mini umbrella in solid colouring. Available inWhite, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red, Light Green, Lime, Mint, Petrol, Light Blue, Lilac, Purple, EuroBlue, Navy, Light Grey, Grey, Black. Print: 280 x 970mm dia. Print: 120 x 120mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£14.42 50/£14.26 100/£14.03 4. UC0023. FARE 5429 OKOBRELLA AOCMINI Sustainable automatic open/close mini umbrella with a cover made of PET bottles. Available inWhite, Red, Lime, Petrol, Navy, Black. Size: 280 x 980m dia. Print: 120 x 120mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£17.70 50/£17.55 100/£17.40 5. UC0032. ECO VENT Eco friendly automatic opening umbrella with vented canopy made of recycled bottles. Available in Black, Navy, White, Grey, Red. Size: 900 x 1200mm dia. Print: 150 x 150mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie strap) 25/£18.98 50/£18.75 100/£18.60 6. UC0036. FARE OKOBRELLA AC REGULAR Sustainable automatic walking umbrella with cover material made of recycled plastics. Available inWhite, Red, Lime, Navy, Grey, Black. Size: 850 x 1000mm dia. Print: 180 x 280mm 25/£9.22 50/£9.07 100/£8.91 GREEN 4LIFE GREEN 4LIFE GREEN 4LIFE