Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 201 UMBRELLAS UC0039 AUTOMATIC GOLF UMBRELLA GP-49 auto golf umbrella Inc. windproof fiberglass 14mm shaft and frame with black EVA handle. Available in 6 colours. Size: 990 x 1300mm dia. Print: 180 x 275mm 25/£11.56 50/£11.25 100/£11.10 MOQ: 1pc RD NY RBL BK GR WH UC0009 BUDGET WALKER High quality, low cost modern automatic opening walking size umbrella with black stem and eva handle. Available in 13 colours. Size: 830 x 1040mm dia. Print: 150 x 150mm (panel) 10 x 80mm (tie wrap) 25/£6.92 50/£6.84 100/£6.75 MOQ: 1pc AM PL YL RD NY BK BU GN GR BL WH RD NY RBL BK GR PL WH UC0033 BUDGET SUPERMINI Low cost telescopic umbrella with matching sleeve & handle, available in 7 colour options: Purple, Grey, White, Navy, Black, Royal, Red. Size: 250 x 980mm dia. Print: 120 x 180mm 25/£6.84 50/£5.93 100/£5.19 MOQ: 1pc UC0045 IMPLIVA AUTO VENTED Golf umbrella from our exclusive guest supplier Impliva automatic, windproof, fiberglass 14 mm shaft and frame, polyester pongee cover with ventilation system. Black rubber finished handle. Available in 6 colours. Size: 990 x 1300mm Print: 250mm x 180mm 25/£13.34 50/£13.11 100/£12.80 MOQ: 1pc RD BL BK GR WH UC0038 AUTOMATIC CROOK WALKING UMBRELLA Falconetti® automatic opening walking umbrella with black shaft, fiberglass ribs and polyester pongee cover. Includes black plastic crook handle and available in 14 colours. Size: 810 x 1020mm . Print: 200 x 150mm 25/£8.15 50/£7.92 100/£7.76 MOQ: 1pc GR AM PL PK YL BL RD NY BK RBL WH BN BU RD NY BL BK WH UC0051 IMPLIVA FOLDING A folding windproof umbrella with auto open and close, 3-sections, black metal shaft and black fiberglass frame, black handle, a case and a space at the bottom to add your own doming. Size: 950 x 280mm . Print: 180 x 120mm 25/£11.25 50£11.10 100/£10.94 MOQ: 1pc BK SV