Promotional Merchandise 2022

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. WRITING 1 2 3 4 5 6 • METAL PENS | 21 GREEN 4LIFE ADD A NAME FULL COL. ADD A NAME ADD A NAME ADD A NAME ADD A NAME FULL COL. 2. TPC442901. SOFT TOP SOFT STYLUS An elegant, slim twist action ball pen with a soft stylus. The colour version (TPC442902) is available in a range of vibrant colours with matching stylus top. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 136 x 8mm dia. Print: 45 x 15mm 250/£0.71 500/£0.63 1000/£0.61 4. TPC980301. TYPHOON Scintillating metallic finishes with a black trim gives this pen a real wow factor! Remarkable value. Pricing is shown for an engraved finish, however can be offered as printed. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 139mm x 11mm . Print: 45mm x 20mm 250/£0.66 500/£0.61 1000/£0.59 5. TPC980701. TYPHOON STYLUS A superbly made aluminium pen with a really clever mechanism - twis the pen to extend the nib and the stylus end retracts! Pricing is shown for engraving. Size: 153mm x 11mm . Print: 45mm x 20mm 250/£0.74 500/£0.69 1000/£0.67 6. TPC580101. SWALLOW An aluminium pen with a ‘straited’ finish for a tactile experience when using this pen - due to this marking the pen is engrave only. Size: 142mm x 10mm . Engrave: 70mm x 7mm 250/£0.87 500/£0.81 1000/£0.76 3. TPC982001. MOLE MATE The perfect partner for an A5 mole pad! The tactile satin-matt finish complements a notebook beautifully. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 139 x 10mm dia. Engrave: 50 x 10mm 250/£0.68 500/£0.61 1000/£0.59 1. TPC841001. VIRTUO RECYCLED BALL PEN A pen made from recycled aluminium cans, with plastic trims from recycled PET (water bottles). Made in Europe to maintain a lower carbon footprint this pen doesn’t just have good eco credentials – it looks great! Ink Colour: Black. Size: 141mm x 10mm . Print : 40mm x 20mm 100/£2.57 250/£2.03 500/£1.86