Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 143 SANITISERS TR RC0139 ELLYSON PLUS SANITISER 60ml hand sanitiser gel in clear plastic casing with a white flip top lid and silver carabiner. Contains 62% alcohol. Available in translucent with white lid. Size: 127 x 46 x 25mm . Print: 35 x 20mm Certs: Conforms to EN1276 500/£1.55 1000/£1.44 2500/£1.39 MOQ: 25pcs RD BL TR RC0121 CANBERRA SANITISER 30ml instant liquid hand sanitiser spray in a PE plastic bottle. Contains 62% alcohol. Available in translucent red, blue and clear bottle. Size: 104 x 28mm dia. Print: 35 x 15mm Certs: Conforms to EN1276 500/£1.01 1000/£0.94 2500/£0.91 MOQ: 25pcs RD BL TR RC0117 CREDIT CARD SANITISER Pocket size 20ml liquid hand sanitiser spray. Contains 62% alcohol. Available in 3 colours. Size: 85 x 55 x 10mm . Print: 40 x 45mm Certs: Conforms to EN1276 500/£1.34 1000/£1.24 2500/£1.17 MOQ: 25pcs RC0109 MINI SANITISER 18ml compact sanitiser gel housed inside PVC casing.Contains 62% alcohol. Available in black and blue. Size: 72 x 38 x 24mm . Print: 15 x 25mm Certs: Conforms to EN1276 500/£1.11 1000/£1.02 2500/£0.97 MOQ: 25pcs BL BK RD BL CY BK GN AM PL PK YL WH RC0129 ELLYSON SANITISER 30ml pocket size hand sanitiser gel in a clear plastic casing with coloured lid and silver carabiner clip. Contains 62% alcohol. Available in 10 colours. Size: 130 x 94 x 23mm . Print: 20 x 30mm Certs: Conforms to EN1276 500/£1.20 1000/£1.12 2500/£1.07 MOQ: 25pcs