Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 15 • PLASTIC PENS TPC390101 ROHILL BANNER BALL PEN A push action ball pen with a pull out banner. Prices include printing to both sides of the banner in a 4 colour process print. 6 weeks delivery. Ink Colour: Black or blue. Size: 148 x 12mm dia. Print: 160 x 64mm 500/£1.27 1000/£0.84 2500/£0.73 MOQ: 500pcs YL RD BL BK GN AM RD BL BK TPC800601 SYSTEM TOOL BALL PEN Choose the stylus colour to suit your brand! A hexagonal multi function pen with a soft stylus, slot screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, cm rule, inch rule and a spirit level. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 149 x 10mm dia. Print: 60 x 4mm 500/£0.96 1000/£0.89 2500/£0.84 MOQ: 25pcs TPC880101 BANNER BALL PEN A pen that can carry a very large message on a roll out banner (180 x 67mm) that can be printed both sides in full colour. 6 weeks delivery. Ink Colour: Black or blue. Size: 146 x 10mm dia. Print: 180 x 67mm 500/£1.39 1000/£0.94 2500/£0.81 MOQ: 500pcs RD BL CY BK GN AM PL PK YL WH TR LGN TPC880101. BANNER PEN TPC390101. ROHILL BANNER PEN TPC800601. SYSTEM TOOL PEN HAVE YOU SEEN MY BAMBOO VERSION ON PG 20