Promotional Merchandise 2024

188 CERAMIC MUGS AND GLASSES • MG9061 ASH BONE CHINA The Ash mug is a popular Bone China shape with a large transfer print area. The straight-sided mug has a gloss white finish, perfect for digital or transfer printing. Available in white. Size: 89 x 85mm . Print: 85 x 200mm 72/£7.08 108/£6.67 252/£6.14 MOQ: 36pcs MG9006 OPAL BONE CHINA MUG A best selling slimline bone china mug. A popular choice for the promo and corporate market. Size: 77 x 77 x 104mm . Print: 65 x 150mm 72/£5.63 108/£5.25 252/£4.75 MOQ: 36pcs MG9032 HUG BONE CHINA MUG A uniquely shaped bone china mug different from all the standard shapes. A fantastic choice. Size: 75 x 90 x 75mm . Print: 50 x 50mm 72/£8.57 108/£8.15 252/£7.72 MOQ: 36pcs MG9014 MARLBOROUGH BONE CHINA Thin, lightweight and very strong, the Marlborough mug is hardwearing enough for everyday use. Size: 80 x 94 x 80mm . Print: 70 x 185mm 72/£4.17 108/£3.81 252/£3.48 MOQ: 36pcs MG9050 BELFAST MUG The Belfast Mug has an iconic rounded curvy shape with a large sturdy handle. Size: 78 x 95 x 105mm . Print: 50 x 250mm 72/£8.18 108/£5.58 252/£5.21 MOQ: 36pcs MG9059 KENT BONE CHINA MUG This light-weight yet sturdy bone china mug has a stylish shape allowing it to fit into any location. Size: 85 x 85 x 80mm . Print: 40 x 200mm. 72/£5.92 108/£5.54 252/£5.15 MOQ: 36pcs MG9062 WINDSOR BONE CHINA The Windsor is a classic white Bone China mug with straight sides and a flared rim. The mug is tall and slim, with a sweeping handle, and has a large print area. Available in white. Size: 108 x 78mm . Print: 150 x 65mmm 72/£4.17 108/£3.81 252/£3.48 MOQ: 36pcs UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION ON WHITE GLAZE. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA.