Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 21 WHY NOT ADD YOUR QR CODE PRE PRINTED ECO TEXT SHANGHAI RPET ASER RPET LAGOON RPET KODA RECYCLED • ECO PENS SURFER RPET RD BL AQ PL CL TPC580701 LAGOON RPET BALL PEN Attractive push action ball pen in transparent colours made from recycled water bottles (rPET). Ink Colour: Black. Size: 143 x 11mm dia. Print: 50 x 20mm 500/£0.46 1000/£0.40 2500/£0.36 MOQ: 25pcs TPC916701 ASER RPET BALL PEN Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). 3 colours with pre-printed text – ‘‘Recycled Water Bottles’’. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 145 x 10mm dia. Print: 30 x 20mm 500/£0.46 1000/£0.40 2500/£0.36 MOQ: 25pcs BL AQ CL TPC000046 SHANGHAI RPET BALL PEN 95% RPET plastic ball pen with a push action and curvy design. An added iron clip for premium touch. Black Ink. Available in 6 colours. Size: 138 x 11mm . Print: 45 x 8mm 500/£0.54 1000/£0.50 2500/£0.46 MOQ: 25pcs RD RBL BK GN PL WH TPC911112 KODA RECYCLED BALL PEN The recycled version of a much loved best seller! This push action ball pen still features a great print area to both the barrel and the clip. Why not add a QR code? Ink Colour: Black. Size: 147 x 10mm . Print: 50 x 20mm 500/£0.46 1000/£0.40 2500/£0.36 MOQ: 25pcs RD RBL BK GN PL WH RPET is short for Recycled Polyethylene Tetraphalate, also known as Recycled PET. Due to the thermodynamic qualities of PET, it can be heated up, melted and transformed into new materials over and over, giving it a new life and making it a great choice for sustainable promotional pens! What Are RPET Pens? TPC444101 SURFER RPET BALL PEN Quality twist action ball pen made in Europe from RPET from used water bottles. Solid colour code: TPC444102. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 150 x 12mm dia. Print: 50 x 20mm 500/£0.76 1000/£0.68 2500/£0.63 MOQ: 25pcs SOLID RD BL BK GN AM PL PK YL BK WH RD TE AM PL PK YL LBL GN