Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 27 NIMROD RAINBOW • METAL PENS NIMROD ACTIVE CATESBY NEPTUNE TANDY NOIR TROPICAL TPC731401 NIMROD SOFT FEEL BALL PEN An aluminium pen with a ‘soft feel’ finish. Now available in tropical colour range (TPC731402). Ink Colour: Black. Size: 137 x 10mm dia. Engrave: 40 x 10mm 250/£0.97 500/£0.91 1000/£0.83 MOQ: 25pcs RD DBL BL BK GN AM PL TL PK GR LBL LGN WH TPC731403 NIMROD RAINBOW The rainbow version of a much loved best seller! This push action ball pen has a modern design with a useful stylus top. Due to the finish marking is engraving only. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 140mm x 10mm dia. Engrave 40 x 10mm 250/£1.22 500/£1.14 1000/£1.06 MOQ: 25pcs TPC280401 ACTIVE BALL PEN Attractive push action ball pen with unique clip available in an array of vibrant colours. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 141 x 10mm dia. Print: 50 x 20mm 250/£1.04 500/£0.97 1000/£0.91 MOQ: 25pcs PL TL RD BL BK WH GR NBL TPC731801 CATESBY TWIST ACTION BALL PEN A slim-line metal twist action ball in a vibrant finish, making this a timeless classic. Ink Colour: Black Size: 138 x 10mm dia. Engrave: 50 x 10mm 250/£1.16 500/£1.09 1000/£1.01 MOQ: 25pcs RD WH SV BL BK GM TPC580401 NEPTUNE SOFT FEEL BALL PEN A soft feel barrelled stylus pen with attractive metal fittings, a gun metal trim to complement the colour range with a stylish all black option available for a super sleek look. Engraves chrome. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 142 x 10mm dia. Engrave: 50 x 7mm 250/£1.11 500/£1.04 1000/£0.96 MOQ: 25pcs GR RD BL BK BK TPC281302 TANDY NOIR BALL PEN A very tactile, well balanced writing instrument with a soft feel barrel. All black finish for a classy look. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 140 x 11mm dia. Engrave: 35 x 7mm 250/£1.34 500/£1.25 1000/£1.16 MOQ: 25pcs HAVE YOU SEEN MY BAMBOO VERSION ON PG 19