Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 30 METAL PENS • SNOWDON ROLLER TPC580601 SNOWDON ROLLER A sleek design with this capped metal rollerball pen. White is a high gloss finish. The black pen is a smooth soft feel finish. White pen can be printed spot colours whilst the black pen is engrave or digital print only. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 140 x 11mm Print: 30 x 20mm (gloss) Engrave: 30 x 10mm (soft feel) 250/£1.73 500/£1.63 1000/£1.53 MOQ: 25pcs TPC620201 ASTON STYLUS BALL PEN A heavy twist action stylus pen that exudes quality with a stylus end for your touch screen devices. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 139 x 11mm dia. Print: 30 x 20mm 250/£2.18 500/£2.06 1000/£1.95 MOQ: 25pcs BK WH SV TPC580201 BOSTON CLICK-SURE BALL PEN Twist action pen with ultra-positive click action so you know the refill is locked in place! Available in all gold and black with gold trim (TPC580202). Ink Colour: Black. Size: 143 x 10mm dia. Print: 35 x 20mm 250/£2.64 500/£2.51 1000/£2.38 250/£2.79 500/£2.66 1000/£2.52 (GOLD) MOQ: 25pcs BK GD GD BL CH WH SS ASTON STYLUS BOSTON CLICK-SURE HARRIS SULTAN ADMIRAL TPC000312 HARRIS STYLUS BALL PEN A metal twist action ball pen with soft touch stylus. The high shine metal trims add the finishing touches to this useful, dual purpose pen. Available in black or white. Ink Colour: Black. Size: 145 x 10mm dia. Print: 40 x 7mm 250/£2.01 500/£1.90 1000/£1.80 MOQ: 25pcs BK WH TPC280102 SULTAN BALL PEN A substantial twist action pen. The matt blue and black versions are under-coated chrome for a mirror chrome marking when engraved (engraving is available at an additional cost). Ink Colour: Black. Size: 134 x 11mm dia. Print: 50 x 20mm 250/£2.59 500/£2.46 1000/£2.33 MOQ: 25pcs BL BK WH TPC780701 ADMIRAL BALL PEN A prestigious and substantial metal pen with a hinged clip for an executive feel. The black is undercoated chrome for a mirror chrome finish when engraved (engraving is at an additional cost). Ink Colour: Black Size: 137 x 10mm dia. Print: 45 x 20mm 250/£2.71 500/£2.57 1000/£2.44 MOQ: 25pcs BK SS BK WH DBL LGR