Promotional Merchandise 2024

04 PERSONALISATION TECHNIQUES PANTONE© COLOUR MATCHING BESPOKE SHAPES & DESIGNS ANTIBAC COATING ADDED EMBROIDER ON THIS PRODUCT Your Catalogue Icon Guide Video Guides FULL COLOUR PRINTING ADD INDIVIDUAL NAMES MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS HOT FOR 12 COLD FOR 24 HOURS LOGOS ON PRODUCTS. THE PRODUCTS BEARING NAMES AND TRADEMARKS IN THE CATALOGUE DO NOT NECESSARILY IMPLY THAT THE OWNER OF THE NAME OR TRADEMARK HAS BEEN SUPPLIED WITH THE SHOWN PRODUCT. THEY ARE ONLY REPRESENTATIVE OF WHAT COULD BE ACHIEVED. To see our personalisation techniques in more detail, why not view our handy video guides on YouTube. Simply scan the code below to visit the site The Power of Personalisation The following guides have been designed to explain the processes involved in the personalisation techniques available for our products throughout the catalogue. For further information please call our sales office.