Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 41 WOOD BLACK PENCIL HB RUBBER TIPPED PENCIL RAINBOW PENCIL RECYCLED NEWSPAPER PENCIL JURA CARD PENCIL RECYCLED PLASTIC PENCIL • PENCILS TPC444201 RECYCLED PLASTIC PENCIL A composite plastic pencil made from postconsumer plastic waste. HB lead. Size: 185 x 7mm dia. Print: 50 x 15mm 500/£0.30 1000/£0.23 2500/£0.20 MOQ: 25pcs YL RD LBL BK GN PL WH TPC441001 HB PENCIL A traditional, wooden pencil with an eraser tip. HB lead. Size: 189 x 7mm dia. Print: 50 x 15mm 500/£0.31 1000/£0.25 2500/£0.21 MOQ: 25pcs RD DBL BL BK GN PL PK SV YL BG WH GD NT BK TPCPN3009 WOOD BLACK PENCIL All black wood gives this pencil an executive look! FSC wood. HB Lead. Size: 189 x 7mm dia. Print: 50 x 15mm 500/£0.35 1000/£0.28 2500/£0.25 MOQ: 25pcs TPC000469 RAINBOW PENCIL A vibrant HB pencil with a metallic rainbow inspired barrel and matching eraser. Finished with a black ferrule to complete the look. Ink Colour: HB Pencil Size: 190 x 7mm dia. Print: 50 x 15mm 500/£0.40 1000/£0.33 2500/£0.30 MOQ: 25pcs TPC441501 RECYCLED NEWSPAPER PENCIL An Eco-friendly pencil with HB lead made from rolled recycled newspaper featuring a silver ferrule and coloured eraser to match pencil colour. Supplied sharpened. Size: 186 x 7mm dia. Print: 50 x 15mm 500/£0.41 1000/£0.35 2500/£0.31 MOQ: 25pcs BL YL WH LBL RD BK GN PK TPC620402 JURA CARD PENCIL WITH WHEAT TRIM As well as using less plastic by having a card barrel, the trim is made from plastic made up of 60% Wheat plastic from a natural and sustainable source. Ink Colour: Black Size: 140 x 10mm dia. Print: 40 x 20mm 500/£0.48 1000/£0.41 2500/£0.38 MOQ: 25pcs AVAILABLE IN GIFT SET SEE PG 17 ASK ABOUT UK MADE OPTIONS