Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 69 DESK ACCESSORIES SS0296 DUNMORE STICKY NOTES SET Recycled paper matchbook style sticky note and flag holder. Flags in 5 colours and sticky notes in yellow. Available in black and natural. Size: 88 x 80 x 6mm . Print: 65 x 45mm (b) 65 x 15mm (f) 500/£0.96 1000/£0.89 2500/£0.83 MOQ: 25pcs BK NT SS0256 POCO FLAG SET Recycled paper matchbook style flag holder with 5 colours of paperflags. Available in natural. Size: 54 x 83 x 4mm . Print: 65 x 30mm 500/£0.66 1000/£0.61 2500/£0.58 MOQ: 25pcs NT Naturally Brilliant Desk Essentials SS1100 BAMBOO STICKY NOTE BOOKMARK A bamboo bookmark with colourful sticky notes made from recycled paper and cm inch ruler to the edge. Available in natural. Size: 215 x 67mm . Print: 50mm dia. 500/£1.39 1000/£1.29 2500/£1.22 MOQ: 25pcs SS1296 DUNMORE CORK STICKY NOTES SET Cork cover flip open booklet with approx. 100 sticky notes and flags in 5 colours. Available in natural cork. Size: 84 x 82 x 7mm Print: 65 x 15mm (front) 65 x 45mm (back) 500/£1.17 1000/£1.09 2500/£1.02 MOQ: 25pcs