Promotional Merchandise 2024

UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 COL. 1 POS. PERSONALISATION. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. 70 DESK ACCESSORIES SS0351 WHITTINGHAM STICKY NOTES SET Eco-friendly notebook with sticky notes, flags and pen. All housed in recycled paper folder. Size: 93 x 105 x 11mm . Print: 75 x 90mm 500/£1.50 1000/£1.39 2500/£1.34 MOQ: 25pcs SS0297 MAYWOOD STICKY NOTES SET Multifunctional recycled card flip open set with approx. 60 sheet notepad, 25 yellow sticky notes, flags in 5 colours, black ink pen and press stud close. Available in natural. Size: 123 x 90 x 10mm. Print: 65 x 70mm 500/£1.40 1000/£1.30 2500/£1.24 MOQ: 25pcs SS0283 BLACKROD STICKY NOTES PAD Spiral bound notepad with lined paper pad, set of 6 flags, sticky notes and ruler. A great little portable notebook combination. Size: 60 x 130 x 10mm . Print: 110 x 25mm 500/£1.30 1000/£1.20 2500/£1.14 MOQ: 25pcs SS0275 HARD BACK FLAG PAD Small hard back book with sticky notes and 5 coloured flags. Available in 10 colours. Size: 81 x 53 x 16mm . Print: 75 x 45mm 500/£0.94 1000/£0.87 2500/£0.81 MOQ: 25pcs RD BL CY GN AM PL PK YL WH NT SS0352 BAMBER DESK SET Eco-friendly desk set. Including sticky notes, flags, ruler and pen. All housed in a stylish recycled paper box. Please note the included pen cannot be printed. Size: 65 x 161 x 24mm . Print: 145 x 55mm 500/£3.54 1000/£2.36 2500/£2.28 MOQ: 25pcs SS0383 GLENBROOK FLAG SET Recycled sticky flag booklet with card cover with integrated centimetre ruler and a set of 5 arrow style sticky flags in orange, pink, yellow, green and blue. Size: 125 x 50 x 6mm . Print: 70 x 15mm 500/£1.49 1000/£1.37 2500/£1.30 MOQ: 25pcs