Promotional Merchandise 2024

81 AWARDS UNLESS STATED PRICES INC. 1 POS. SANDBLAST ENGRAVING. ARTWORK/ORIGINATION/CARRIAGE & VAT EXTRA. EC8085 ACRYSTALIC AWARD Acrystalic awards can be cut into any shape or design which can then be full colour printed. Price includes print and blue flat pack gift box. Size: 170 x 134mm Print: Dependent on design 2/£77.25 12/£74.18 50/£71.25 MOQ: 2pcs EC8091 JADE GLASS FACETTED OCTAGON AWARD The stylish octagon is crafted out of 15mm thick jade glass and is mounted on a rectangular base. Size: 115mm x 130mm Engrave: 75 x 75mm 2/£20.78 24/£20.02 200/£19.20 MOQ: 2pcs EC8010 JADE BEVELLED CRESCENT The stylish jade glass bevelled crescent is an ideal inexpensive award. Price includes engraving and flat pack gift box. Size: 145 x 100mm Engrave: 65 x 110mm 6/£8.99 24/£8.60 200/£8.29 MOQ: 6pcs EC8046 JADE RECTANGLE AWARD The stylish rectangle award is crafted from 12mm thick jade glass and mounted on a rectangular base. Price includes engraving and foam lined gift box. Size: 175 x 162mm Engrave: 110 x 90mm 2/£23.10 24/£22.20 200/£21.38 MOQ: 2pcs EC8089 BEECH CIRCLE AWARD Our sustainably sourced and FSC approved wooden beech awards are crafted from highquality beech wood that has been responsibly sourced from FSC certified forests. It can be decorated with laser engraving or full colour printing and supplied in a recycled cardboard gift box. Size: 185 x 205 x 35mm Full Colour: 175 x 195mm 2/£61.65 24/£60.15 100/£58.65 MOQ: 2pcs EC8077 CRYSTAL RECTANGLE The optical crystal block can be 2D or 3D sub surface laser engraved. Price includes sub surface engraving and foam lined gift box. Size: 80 x 50 x 50mm Engrave: 40 x 70mm 24/£17.70 100/£13.87 250/£12.87 MOQ: 24pcs EC8088 100% RECYCLED ACRYLIC RECTANGLE AWARD Made from 100% recycled acrylic, the rectangle has a unique and modern look, it can be full colour printed to create a unique award that is sure to impress the recipient. The award is supplied in a recycled cardboard gift box. Size: 150 x 125 x 25mm Full Colour: 140 x 115mm 2/£88.28 24/£86.10 100/£84.00 MOQ: 2pcs