10 DRINKWARE TA L L S TOR I E S 2. MG2020. ARDEN 690ml single walled, stainless steel bottle with PP plastic and cork screw on lid. Hourglass curve design for easy grip with black plastic and silicone carry strap attachment. BPA and PVC free. Available in gun metal. Size: 230 x 80mm dia. Print: 60 x 20mm 250/£9.42 500/£8.12 1000/£8.02 3. MG0912. HAWKER 625ml double walled stainless steel travel mug with a clear screw on lid (AS plastic), black flip-up rubber stopper and drinking spout (PR plastic and TPR). BPA and PVC free. Available in gun metal. Size: 214 x 80mm dia. Print: 170 x 50mm 250/£10.52 500/£9.73 1000/£9.02 1. MG0034. CHERUB 800ml single walled, aluminium drinks bottle with a PP and PS plastic lid. Includes large fold out sipper/straw and black carabiner clip. BPA and PVC free. Available in 12 colours. Size: 265 x 85mm dia. Print: 170 x 100mm 250/£5.86 500/£5.41 1000/£5.02 1 2 3