17 WRITING H I NG I NG ON P ER F EC T I ON A trio of expertly crafted, chrome trimmed pens that will leave their mark. Each elegantly designed pen has a perfectly tensioned, hinged clip. Luxury finishes include smooth gloss, matt, soft feel and brushed silver 1. TPC710701. STRATOS MATT BALL PEN An elegant and modern ball pen available with a matt finish. Hinged clip and undercoated chrome for a mirror chrome finish when engraved. Ink Colour: Black. Soft feel model also available. Size: 139mm x 12mm . Print: 35mm x 20mm 100/£3.37 250/£2.66 500/£2.56 2. TPC780601. DUKE BALL PEN A robust yet elegant ball pen with a sublime twist action mechanism. Available in black, blue, silver or white - the smooth gloss barrel and chrome trim completes the high end feel with sturdy hinged clip. Ink Colour: Black Size: 139mm x 13mm . Print: 30mm x 20mm 100/£4.32 250/£3.20 500/£2.87 3. TPC780501. EMPEROR BALL PEN A substantial, twist action ball with hinged clip. Choose between two striking options: gloss white, gloss black. Pricing shown is for 1 spot colour. Ink Colour: Black. Soft feel black also available. Size: 138mm x 12mm . Print: 35mm x 20mm 100/£5.07 250/£4.31 500/£3.89 1 2 3