The Premium Collection - 2023

27 WRITE TPC780501. EMPEROR A substantial, twist action ball with hinged clip. Choose between three striking options: gloss white, gloss black or the tactile black soft feel finish (engrave only). Ink Colour: Black Size: 138 x 12mm dia. Print: 35 x 20mm 100/£4.65 250/£4.09 500/£3.91 (1 COL) 100/£4.88 250/£4.54 500/£4.32 (ENG) BK WH TPC000303. DOVER BALL PEN A contemporary metal twist action ball pen with a satin smooth finish available in three sumptuous colours: black, silver and gunmetal. Ink Colour: Black Size: 135 x 12mm dia. Print: 30 x 20mm 100/£3.10 250/£2.61 500/£2.48 BK SV GM TPC780601. DUKE BALL PEN A robust yet elegant ball pen with a sublime twist action mechanism. Available in black, blue, silver or white. The smooth gloss barrel and chrome trim completes the high end feel. Ink Colour: Black Size: 139 x 13mm dia. Print: 30 x 20mm 100/£3.66 250/£3.15 500/£3.00 BL BK WH SV REGAL TWIST ACTION BALL PENS BOASTING ELEGANCE AND GRACE UNDERCOATED CHROME FOR A MIRROR ENGRAVE FINISH PEN ROYALTY TPC 780601 TPC 000303 TPC 780501