The Premium Collection - 2023

39 KEYRINGS ZM0051. BAMBLEY KEYRING Rectangular zinc alloy keyring with split ring attachment and bamboo centre. Available in silver with bamboo. Option to engrave to both sides at additional cost. Size: 84 x 32 x 6mm . Engrave: 35 x 20mm 500/£2.34 1000/£2.18 2500/£2.06 ZM0052. METAL TWIST KEYRING Metal keyring allows easy attachment of keys with twist action splitring. Premium feel with laser engraving. Available in silver. Size: 55 x 30 x 6mm . Engrave: 25 x 19mm 500/£2.18 1000/£2.03 2500/£1.93 ZC1030. COLOUR CUBOID POWER BANK ZC1130. WHITE CUBOID POWER BANK Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh, supplied with micro USB cable and packaged in a white box. Can recharge most smart phones! Available in 8 colours and white. Size: 94 x 21 x 21mm Print: 85 x 15mm (side) 65 x 15mm (front) ZC1030 100/£6.98 250/£6.25 500/£5.78 ZC1130 100/£7.64 250/£6.86 500/£6.34 AM SV GM RD BL BK GN PL WH ZC1050. FLAT POWER BANK ZC1150. WHITE FLAT POWER BANK 4000mAh aluminium power bank supplied with a micro USB cable and packaged in a white box. Will charge most mobile phones. Available in 5 colours and white. Size: 110 x 68 x 10mm . Print: 50 x 100mm ZC1050 100/£9.89 250/£8.96 500/£8.28 ZC1150 100/£11.11 250/£10.09 500/£9.33 BK SV RD BL GM ZC1058. BAMBOO POWER BANK 4000mAh power bank with a bamboo casing supplied with a USB to TYPE-C cable and packaged in a cardboard box with instruction manual. USB, micro USB and TYPE-C ports. Will charge most mobile phones. Available in natural. Size: 120 x 70 x 12mm . Print: 95 x 60mm 100/£14.35 250/£13.10 500/£12.11 NT WH